Caring for Cocoa Communities

A Commitment to Quality

SunSpire's commitment to quality is a holistic one that starts with the farmers who grow our cocoa beans and extends to every facet of their lives —from the agricultural methods they use, to the health and education of their families, to the welfare of the communities where they live and work.

When you buy a SunSpire™ product, you're making a direct contribution to the welfare of cocoa farmers in developing nations.

The cornerstone of this commitment is our Caring for Cocoa Communities program, which is dedicated to providing hands-on support to our cocoa growers by donating tools and resources to increase harvest yields, support their schools, and improve the quality of their crops. Caring for Cocoa Communities means that when you buy a SunSpire product, you're doing much more than simply purchasing a delicious and high-quality, all-natural confection—you’re also making a direct contribution to the welfare of cocoa farmers in cocoa developing nations.

Cocoa farming can be difficult, demanding and unpredictable, and growers in all three major cocoa-producing regions of the globe—Latin America, Africa and Southeast Asia—often face formidable challenges. The SunSpire approach in supporting these farmers is rooted in continually asking relevant questions of our suppliers and ourselves: "What do our cocoa growers need to grow high-quality cocoa?” "How can we have a positive impact on their lives?" In response to these questions, we've gained a world of knowledge that enables us to identify and provide the assistance necessary to improve harvests and enhance quality of life within each cocoa farming community we support.

For more information on Caring for Cocoa Communities, please email us at or contact our consumer relations team at (510) 346-3860.


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