Natural Sweeteners

Offering a Healthier Choice to Consumers

SunSpire's commitment to creating products that are both healthy and delicious shines through in our choice of natural alternative sweeteners—some of which we have pioneered.

We firmly believe that our decision to use less refined sugars actually helps to enhance the flavor profile of our products while fulfilling our mission of offering a healthier choice to consumers. Our natural sweeteners include:

Grain Sweetener
Our proprietary grain-based sweetener is not only nutritionally sound, but also perfectly complements the rich flavor of our chocolate and confections. This complex carbohydrate is derived from a mixture of whole-grain barley and corn that is first boiled, then dried. No chemicals are used, and no nutrients are removed. This sweetener contains natural malt sugars and proteins. This sweetener contains natural malt sugars and proteins.
Dried Cane Juice and Molasses Sweetener
We sweeten several of our confections with a special blend of dried cane juice and unsulphured molasses.  We make this sweetener with raw sugar cane, which is crushed, washed and then dissolved in water to form cane juice syrup.  The syrup is filtered, boiled, crystallized and then put into a centrifuge to separate the crystals—which are sucrose particles——from some of the molasses.  Then, in a patented process called co-crystallization, we add some molasses back into the cane juice.  This process uses no chemicals or artificial additives, producing a sweetener that is unbleached and all natural.  Moreover, because we minimize processing, our sweetener retains many nutrients and trace minerals, as opposed to processed white sugar, which is highly refined, bleached and entirely stripped of nutritional value.
Organic Sugar and Organic Cane Juice
We also use organic sugar and organic cane juice that are grown, harvested, produced and packaged without any chemicals or pesticides.  Our primary provider of organic sugar uses environmentally sensitive harvesting techniques, such as not burning their fields before harvesting.  While this makes harvesting more difficult, it also yields a product that is much cleaner and easier to process.  Our supplier processes the sugar at their own state-of-the-art mill, which employs strict quality standards to produce a great tasting, light colored, small-grind sugar that is 100% organic.
Turbinado Sugar
Some of our products use turbinado sugar, which comes from the first pressing of the sugar cane.  A minimally processed sugar, turbinado is distinguished by large crystals, a brown color and a subtle molasses flavor.  In addition to the benefit of being less refined than white sugar, turbinado sugar has a lower calorie content.
Fruit Source®
SunSpire was the first company to market FruitSource®, a patented, all-natural sweetener derived from white grape juice and brown rice.  We continue to use FruitSource® as a sweetener in several of our confections.


Do your products contain caffeine?

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