Bulk Chocolate Tips

Why Buy In Bulk?

Shopping the bulk foods aisle has quickly become one of the hottest trends; whether you are shopping for one or 5 buying in bulk can save you time, money, offer you great variety and help reduce your carbon footprint:

  • Cost Savings
    SunSpire’s bulk items are cheaper per ounce than their packaged counterparts—some by as much as 40% percent. This represents a substantial savings opportunity for our consumers, retailers and foodservice organizations to realize meaningful savings. For consumers this is extra change in your wallet, for retailers you can use this savings to expand the variety of SunSpire products you offer.
  • Variety in the Bins
    SunSpire is continuously expanding our bulk offerings, so you can draw on a wide and growing assortment of delicious baking items and confections for in your self-serve bins. Our most popular bulk bin items include Plain Milk SunDrops, Grain-Sweetened Milk Chocolate Raisins, Organic Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds and Organic Dark Chocolate Chips, but we offer an extensive variety of other delicious products.
  • Quality and Freshness
    SunSpire’s bulk products are made with the same exceptional quality standards as our packaged items, and their level of freshness is carefully preserved on food store selling floors through the use of specially designed self-serve bins.
  • Ecologically Responsible
    Purchasing SunSpire products from bulk bins is increasingly popular among environmentally conscious shoppers who want to do everything possible to reduce packaging waste. Despite a dramatic increase in recyclable food packaging in recent years, packaging is still a significant contributor to our planet’s landfills, and the process of manufacturing packaging uses precious resources and energy. Buying in bulk helps to combat these issues and contribute to less waste.
  • A Proud Member of the Bulk Green Council
    Bulk is Green Council is an organization dedicated to increasing consumer, retailer and grocer awareness of the environmental and economic benefits of buying natural and organic in bulk. Founded in 2008, the council serves as a research and advocacy group, conducting and publishing studies on industry trends and offering educational tools and resources online. The board includes industry leaders Hain Celestial, SunRidge Farms, Frontier Natural Products Co-Op, Trade Fixtures, and Lundberg Family Farms. Additional information is available at BulkisGreen.org.

SunSpire is deeply committed to making our delicious, all-natural chocolate products readily available to consumers across the nation. One way we fulfill this commitment is by offering a wide array of items in bulk quantities for resale by foodservice organizations, and natural food stores across the United States, as well as to large-scale baking operations who are committed to using the highest quality all-natural ingredients available. In fact, SunSpire is the nation’s leading provider of all-natural chocolate for baking, as well as a leading provider of all-natural bulk chocolate products for snacking as well.

Never shopped the bulk aisle before? Watch a quick video about buying bulk foods.


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