ECHOS Alliance

Empowering Cocoa Households

Empowering Cocoa Households Through Opportunities and Education Solutions, or ECHOES, is a Global Development Alliance between USAID and the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF), dedicated to strengthening cocoa growing communities by providing relevant education opportunities for children and young adults in Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire. Each ECHOES project is carefully developed to address the needs of the locale it serves. Most encompass a broad range of initiatives, and many are targeted to supporting the next generation of cocoa farmers including:

  • Developing Literacy Management Committees
  • Forging links between relevant education and improved livelihoods 
  • Providing comprehensive vocational training and family support scholarships
  • Offering training in teaching, leadership and small business management
  • Establishing Community Resource Centers that offer area residents access to technology

SunSpire™ proudly contributes to ECHOES by funding family support scholarships, which are awarded to parent-student pairs selected by the community. Each scholarship is equivalent to three years of school-related expenses.  One-third of this money is allocated to fund the student's education, while the remainder is invested in the parent's farm. The parent commits to sending the child to school for at least three years, and then he or she receives training and support to help develop a business that generates enough income to support the child's education in the future.


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